I've always liked to read, watch movies and series, play and listen music, play of all kind games. That's why I always wanted to have a creative job which allows me to share the same joy to other people and convey strong messages thanks to art. 

In order to achieve this, I began a two years course in sound design specialised in video game and movie soundtracks. For me, music was able to tell a story as much as was a book do. However, after an internship, I discovered that game making can be studied too, becoming my priority as all my passions could be combined in a single job : Game designer.


But before jumping right into it, I thought it was for the best that I first learn how to write a proper story, so I took an extra two years studying Cinema. Doing so made me realise how close movies and video games were in terms of making, as some pipelines used in a movie production can be applied to a video game one as well. With new tools like storyboarding, screen writing and the general uses of a camera, I was then ready to take on more specific learning on video games. Player being the actor in a game, deciding what he does and when is one of the many reasons I turned myself to game design, as it is less passive than watching a movie.


All those years of studies in different fields gave me the ability to speak more easily with other trades, as well as helped me improve my critical sense through video games I play in order to extract it the best and make quality video games gameplay and experiences out of it. Projects done as part of my four years in game design, first during my studies at Université Paul Valéry and at CNAM-ENJMIN but also during my professional experience at FremenCorp, showing my progression every time.


I hope my profile allows me to work with talented people with whom I can transmit my passion through game.


Junior Game Designer