Scout forever
A conventional day

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Martiens, à la rescousse!
My sound design past

Scouts Forever is a 2D point and click game made during the Global Game Jam 2015 with two people. The theme was "What do we do now?".

You lead a scout company during their journey to the forest. Help the scouts to take decisions in order to keep them alive. The game is available on mobile (Androïd).


Game Design : The whole team

Programming : Rémi Fusade

Graphic Design : Amélia Lopes and Justin Guibert

Sound Design : Amélia Lopes 

Mechacorico is a 3D game made during the Ludum Dare 33 (2015) with four people. The theme was "you are a monster".

You are a chicken in a mecha. You want to stop the butcher but your only weapons are ... your brothers. 


Game Design : Dreamwonder

Programming : Vincent Swaenepoel

Graphic Design : Lucy vallin and Dreamwonder

Sound Design : Alexandre Schnepf

Music : Amélia Lopes

A conventional day is a game made during the Ludum Dare 32 with three persons. The theme was " An unconventional weapon".

You are a young child and you need to go to school, it's boring but you have the "Jellytator", an unconventional weapon (but not the only one) which shoots jellies. 
Try to go safely ! 


Game Design : Team 

Programming : Vincent Swaenepoel and Judicaël Abecassis

Graphic Design : Marjolaine Paz

Sound Design : Amélia Lopes


Cracks is a 3D cooperation 2-player game made during the Asylum Jam (2014).

Follow the light and find your way out of the iceflow.
Do not go on your way alone, you will freeze instantly, stay closeto your buddy to use his/her body heat to stay awake.
But watch your step, the ice is thin and can break... if one of you fall into the dead cold water, the adventure stops.


Game Design : François Rizzo and the rest of team 

Programming : Vincent Swaenepoel and Lucas Le Gouic

Graphic Design : Benjamin Rigotti

Sound Design : Gaspard Morel and Amélia Lopes


Abysse is a 2D game made during a battle jam organize by an exhibition in Montpellier (2013)

You are Medys, a little jelly fish send by the Godess Maïena on abyssal depth in order to bring the light and so the life. 


Game Design : The whole Team

Programming : Kevin Ornon and Axel Herbert

Graphic Design : Kevin Ornon and Joffrey Babilotte

Sound Design : Amélia Lopes


Martiens, à la rescousse! is a remake of the game R-Type that I made all by myself to train with a prototyping software.

So, I made a little history, the graphics and sounds and the programmation.


Synopsis : On Earth, pollution became too strong. Humans are not able to fight against it and they ask help from the other planet. Martians answered and came with their best spatialship. They are going to fight against radioactive clouds with their laser weapons specially produced to

Labyrinthe is a little project I made to train myself with a Unity software. I wanted to used it for level design and know more about the tools.

I decided to make a labyrinth because of many possibilities when we talk about level design.

You could find some different rooms where you can find some traps and where you have different sound effects.


You can see a fast video of result here.



I Studied Sound Design during too years and I made many  different projects. You can ear some exemples of what I made on my soundcloud. 


You can hear especially the music of The Cycle of Dana or Abysse I presented you to this website.


Hypochondriax is a game made during the Global Game jam 2016 with theme "Ritual" with three other people. In this game, you have to take drugs prescripted by a crazy doctor. 

Be careful ! Fun secondary effect can happen during your medical teatment ! The game is available on mobile (Androïd).


Game Design : Emilie Breslavetz and the rest of team

Programming : Rémi Fusade

Graphic Design : Janie Poulin

Sound Design : Amélia Lopes